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Forest Type is a unit of vegetation possessing broad characteristics in physiognomy and structure sufficiently pronounced to permit its differentiation from other such units. A good knowledge of forest type is essential for the successful practice of silviculture and forest management.
Forest vegetation is divided into five major groups according to temperature zones. Each major group is divided into type groups on the availability of moisture exhibited in the physiognomic variation like evergreen, deciduous, thorny features etc. The type groups are ultimately distinguished into climatic, edaphic seral and degradation types. The major forest groups present in the state of Tamilnadu are as follows:
Major Group - Tropical Forests
Type Group 1 - Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests
Sub Group 1A - Southern Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests
Type Group 2 - Tropical Semi Evergreen Forests
Sub Group 2A - Southern Tropical Semi Evergreen Forests
Type Group 3 - Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests
Sub Group 3A - Southern Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests
Type Group 4 - Littoral and Swamp Forests
Sub Group 4B - Tidal Swamp Forests
Sub Group 4C - Tropical Fresh Water Swamp Forests
Type Group 5 - Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests
Sub Group 5A - Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests

Type Group 6 - Tropical Thorn Forests
Sub Group 6A - Southern Tropical Thorn Forests
Type Group 7 - Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests
Sub Group C1 - Southern Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests
Major Group - Montane Sub Tropical Forests
Type Group 8 - Subtropical Broad Leaved Hill Forests
Sub Group 8A - Southern Sub Tropical Broad Leaved Hill Forests
Major Group - Montane Temperate Forests
Type Group 11 - Montane Wet Temperate Forests
Sub Group 11A - Southern Montane Wet Temperate Forests
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