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The total area of the Bio-sphere reserve is 3500.36 Sq. K.m out of which 1828 Sq. Kms. is in Kerala and 1672.36 Sq. Kms. is in Tamil Nadu. The Bio-sphere Reserve now covers parts of Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu and Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta District in Kerala. The Biosphere lies Between 8 degree 8 minutes to 9 degree 10 minutes North Latitude and 76 degree 52 minutes to 77 degree 34 minutes East Longitutudes.
The Biosphere reserve is split into three major zones viz. Core Zone, Buffer Zone and Transition Zone.
In Kerala the break up for the above three zones are as follows:
Core Zone 352 Sq. Km
Buffer Zone 691 Sq. Km.
Transition Zone 1828 Sq. Km.
The sanctuaries covered are Neyyar, Peppra and Shenguruny sanctuaries.
In Tamil Nadu the break up for the above three zones are as follows
Core Zone 691 Sq. Km
Buffer Zone 198.36 Sq. Km.
Transition 1672.36 Sq. Km.
The sanctuaries covered are Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve.
The following will be the important aspects of the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve:
a. Core Zone The Core zone of the Biosphere Reserve will be kept free from all human pressures external to the system.
b. Buffer Zone The manipulation activities, which may be permitted in the buffer zone, will be in conformity with general guidelines for management of the Bio-sphere Reserve
c. Transisition Zone
The state governments will further demarcate the heavily populated / disturbed areas of the buffer Zone to be designated as transitition / restoration zone for priority intervention to restore / improve the general condition in accordance with the guidelines.
d. Legal status The constitution of the Biosphere Reserve by itself will not in any way change the status of legal ownership of a land and forests nor affect the rights of tribal and local people in any way.
e. Administrative Structures The State Government has to nominate an officer as Director of the Biosphere Reserve. He / she may be existing functionary who may not necessarily be an exclusive functionary for this purpose.

f. Central assistance


The Government of India will provide financial assitance on 100% grant basis, separately to each state for approved items of expenditure included in the Management Action Plan to be prepared by the respective State Governments for the areas in their control.

Following three committees with the administrative structure indicated against each has been formed:
1. State Level Steering Committee For ensuring Scientific Management of the Bio- sphere Reserve area to be headed by Chief Secretary or Additional Chief Secretary or Pr. Secretary (forests). The committee will have a nominee of Unio Ministry of Envrionment and Forests.
2.Field Level coordination committee The committee has to be set up at field leve for coordination and implementation of the activities of the various departments for the Biosphere reserve area under their control to be headed by Divisional Commissioner / District Collector depending on if the Biosphere Reserve spreads over more than one district.
3.Inter-State Coordination Committee The committee is for resolution of inter-state matters. This may be constituted under the Chairmanship of Special Secretary / Additional Secretary in the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.
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